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Adaptive eLearning Content Management System

Mandatory compliance training has become a huge annual burden for many organisations. Using Salt Adaptive eLearning, companies can save tens of thousands of hours of employees’ time by leveraging adaptive eLearning technology to dynamically personalise compliance training to each individual.

Organisations can increase engagement and reduce push back from staff by ensuring staff are only trained on what they don’t already know. Further time and money can be saved by enabling staff to complete training anywhere, from any device.

We know compliance. GRC Solution’s content team has years of experience in writing and developing eLearning for compliance. We can work with you to develop specific content areas, customise existing materials and manage ongoing legislative updates and keep the training content refreshed.

Effective custom courses

Finally, you can now get online courses that are popular, effective, and deliver a great ROI. We take your old e-learning or offline training materials and turn them into adaptive courses.

Try Salt Adaptive for onboarding, sales training, compliance, or another area.

Why Salt Adaptive?


Better and faster than legacy methods. Simpler for you.


Modern design, adaptive learning, and accessible from anywhere.


Most advanced analytics and visualizations on the market.


Best-in-class protection against cheating and most detailed audit trails.

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