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Custom Course Development


You need to train employees on content specific to your organisation. Maybe you’re delivering this training for the first time, or it’s something you teach offline. Perhaps you have an old e-learning course that doesn’t work very well. GRC Solutions specialises in the field of custom course development.


  • Content is ready to go. You just need to build it.
  • You have relevant content spread out in presentations, guides, handbooks, but need help to integrate the material and develop assessments.
  • You still to have put most of the content together, but don’t have the time or resources to research, draft or build it.


We can help you customise your course as much or as little as you wish. The choice is yours:

  • Purchase a course ‘off the shelf’

Our wide-ranging Salt Compliance courses cater to different staff levels, industries and jurisdictions.

  • Customise an off-the-shelf course

All Salt Compliance courses can be customised to meet your needs.

  • Create a new course

We can create a brand new course for you, either based on your policies or starting afresh.

How it works

We can work with you to turn your content into a great e-learning course. Better, faster and more cost-effectively than traditional e-learning vendors. Here’s how it works:

  1. Project scoping

We work with you to understand your content requirements and time pressures.

  1. Customisation

We develop the course as per the brief, customising anything from logos, branding and graphics to the lesson and quiz content.

  1. Legal sign off

You may want someone to review the content to ensure that it’s legally accurate and comprehensive. We can recommend a relevant expert from our panel of experts.

  1. Publishing and review

You will have opportunities to review the online course before it goes live.

  1. Maintenance and updates

We can update your course to keep pace with any changes to the law, to your practices and policies or your branding.