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Salt Compliance has a compliance training delivery platform for small, medium and large organisations.

Salt Web

Using our award-winning Salt Web Compliance Learning Management System (CLMS), your organisation will be able to deliver, manage and report on essential compliance training. Salt Web is user friendly, easy to deploy and provides comprehensive reporting and user management tools specifically designed for managing online compliance training.

The Salt Web CLMS can be set-up and rolled out within four to six weeks. You will also be supported throughout the whole process by our dedicated client services team.

Software as a Service

Salt Web is a fully managed hosted solution which does not add any burden to your IT department. GRC Solutions works with you to ensure the system is implemented effectively and you get the best possible results.

Accessible anywhere

Staff can access their training wherever and whenever they can access the Internet. There is no need to go through your corporate intranet.


Your Salt Web site can be branded with your corporate colours and logo. You can include a welcome message as well as a video to let staff know why they need to do compliance training.


Our broad range of legal compliance, risk management and ethics training courses can be delivered to your staff as is from our ever-expanding library of topics. It can be tailored to suit your business’ branding, policies, procedures and the industry you operate in.

Job-role specific

Tailor access to modules depending on your employees’ job role. Now you can ensure the right people are given the right level of training and gives you the flexibility to deliver across-the-board training targeted to your organisation’s areas of need. For example, a manager may do modules 1, 2 and 5 of the Work Health and Safety course, while someone in accounts may only do modules 1, 3 and 4.

Real-time updates

Salt Compliance is regularly updated to reflect any legislative changes to training materials. Now you no longer need to worry about being on top of these changes. We complete all legal and editorial updates behind the scenes without you having to re-upload the modules.

Comprehensive reports

Manage and monitor your organisation’s legal compliance activities with just a few clicks. Our system provides comprehensive reports ranging from individual reports to board-level summaries. Administrators can schedule report updates reflecting employee course participation and completion. You will now also be able to demonstrate evidence of compliance within your organisation.


Staff members will receive reminders to complete their online compliance training course within the given time-frame specified by management.

CPD points

Salt Web has been designed so that you can track Continuing Professional Development points as required by many professional and industry associations.

Policy management

Use the Policy Builder feature to upload your own company policies directly onto the system. Now you can electronically track if these documents have been read, accepted or acknowledge by your staff.

ISO19600 compliance standard

Many of the features that make Salt Compliance an easy and effective learning tool are designed to satisfy standards set down by the courts, regulators, and The International Standard on Compliance Programs ISO 19600.

Salt Compliance Learning Content Management System

Effective Custom Courses

Finally, you can now get online courses that are popular, effective, and deliver a great ROI.

We take your old e-learning or offline training materials and turn them into adaptive courses.

Try Salt Compliance for onboarding, sales training, compliance, or another area.

Why Salt Compliance?


Better and faster than legacy methods. Simpler for you.


Modern design, adaptive learning, and accessible from anywhere.


Most advanced analytics and visualizations on the market.


Best-in-class protection against cheating and most detailed audit trails.

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