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Advisory Services

Do you need advice on your training programs or an inquiry? Our experts are skilled when it comes to dealing with regulators and compliance training who can advise on all matters relating to training programs including:

  • Training program assessment – needs and gap analysis
  • Training program evaluation through metrics and evaluation
  • Regulatory or audit advice
  • Comprehensive Need’s Analysis

    At GRC Solutions, our team of experts can conduct a thorough training needs analysis to ensure all the relevant risks are uncovered and recommend the appropriate remediation steps.

    A needs analysis should not be taken lightly. The overall goal is to ensure from a compliance training standpoint that all organizational risks are covered, and regulatory requirements are met.

  • Training Program Assessment

    We can work with you to assess your current training program. Using the methodologies from our vast experience, is uncovered during the need’s analysis phase which is why it is essential to be as thorough as possible when conducting the need’s analysis.

    Our goals are same with either developing or assessing a program. They are to ensure your training program satisfies regulatory requirements: regardless of the regulator, shifts in compliance culture and a reduction of risk. An appropriate plan takes certain aspects into consideration such as maximizing efficiency, increasing retention rates amongst learners and reducing learning times.


    GRC Solutions can respond to inquiries or be in direct communication with regulators. We can assist with document retrieval, create an action plan or strategy, work as a regulatory liaison, deal directory with regulators or advise and compile or coordinate records. We have former regulators on staff that will assist with all these core elements.


    Dealing with audit inquiries is another area we add value to an organization Whether it be compiling documents, responding or helping in the remediation efforts, GRC can help guide you remediate issues, so they are a thing of the past.