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Salt Online Compliance Training

Compliance Training Programs

  • Training Plan Design

    Once a needs analysis is complete, we work with you to build a comprehensive training plan. The goals of a finely tuned training plan include satisfying regulatory requirements, shifts in compliance culture and a reduction of risk. An appropriate plan takes all aspects into consideration such as maximizing efficiency, increasing learner retention rates and reducing learning times.

  • Compliance Culture

    We can develop a plan or program to help shift the culture of compliance. Some of the ways we can achieve this goal is by creating a communication campaign and developing a training plan.

  • Compliance Officer Training

    We can build a program (or curriculum) for Compliance Officers to enhance their capabilities. This may include how to deliver effective training, perform better in meetings, increase presentation skills, and better understand the target audience. The goal of this program is have Compliance Officers, as the ones who interact directly with the business, understand how to create a better compliance culture. Find out more.

  • Supervisory Training

    We can design interactive training with real-life scenarios focusing on understanding risks, red flags, escalation points, and more. Supervisors will be able to discuss best practices and lessons learned from previous experiences to educate others with an experienced facilitator leading the discussion.

  • Creating effectiveness measurements

    Measuring the effectiveness of your training after its conclusion is essential. This can be done using a variety of methods. GRC Solutions will work with you to determine the best approach for your organization and figure out a structure that makes sense.

  • Developing Metrics

    Organizations want to see both a return on their investments and opportunities for improvement, but also opportunities for improvement. We use our expertise to design the appropriate metrics where you can see the gaps and opportunities for further enhancement to your training program.