Dealing with training and self-leadership in a high turnover environment

In this excerpt, Justin Muscolino, GRC Solutions’ Head of Compliance Training in North America and Mervin Brown, Founder and Chief Purpose Connector of MKB Leadership Evolution, explain how to deal with training and self-leadership in a high turnover environment. 

Employee turnover is crazy these days in corporate America, yet different depending on who is talking. It’s not only about employers cutting back staff, it’s also about employees leaving the organization after a short period of time to pursue other opportunities. The major problem is, how do you handle training and self-leadership in an organization these days when both are an issue?

Whenever employee turnover starts to increase above normal levels, members of an organization should ask themselves the following questions:

  1. What can we do differently to retain talent?
  2. Is there an issue with management?
  3. Do we need to change the culture?

These are the questions senior management need to answer, but we would strongly advise using your entrepreneurial ability to either start having these discussions or look for ways to get involved before things get out of hand.


You can find the full whitepaper here: ‘Dealing with training and self-leadership in a high turnover environment ’

Written by:

Justin Muscolino
Head of Compliance Training
North America


Mervin Brown
Founder and Chief Purpose Connector
MKB Leadership Evolution