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Salt Online Compliance Training

Off-The-Shelf Compliance Courses

Our Salt Compliance off-the-shelf courses cover a wide variety of topics that are relevant to any financial services organization operating in the USA, Australia, New Zealand and Singapore and can be adapted for other international jurisdictions. For global clients operating in multiple jurisdictions we can tailor and translate courses so they apply in every country of operation.

The online training is designed to cater for a broad range of activities and different levels of staff. Developed by our team of e-learning experts, Salt Compliance effectively informs staff of their compliance obligations in the workplace.

Our content is written in plain language and depending on the topic, may apply to any staff member regardless of job description.

We work closely with high-profile industry experts to make sure our content is legally accurate and mirrors the latest developments in each area.

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Benefits of our online compliance training

  • Extensive range of courses

    Off the shelf courses, ready for immediate delivery

  • Topics

    Topics include AML, cybersecurity, risk, corruption, ethics and more

  • Range of Activities

    Our courses are applicable to a range of business activities in financial services.

  • Various Jurisdictions

    Our training has been adapted to meet the requirements in various jurisdictions, including the USA, Australia, New Zealand and Singapore

  • Short courses and module based

    Our training is divided into modules of 10-20 minutes each, keeping learners focused and enabling them to complete only the parts necessary for their job role.

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How to buy

If you are an individual or a business with less than 20 employees, the most cost effective way to purchase your training is via our online store.

If you are a business with more than 20 employees, we recommend a subscription package for your compliance training. You will have full control over your online training, with the ability to register multiple staff into various courses. Contact us to request a quote.

We can customise any of our courses to include policies or procedures from your business. We can even develop an entire new course for you. Click here for more information.