Whitepaper: The importance of actions/activities/tasks in risk management

GRCHUB - the importance of actions, acitivites and task in rm

Liam O’Brien recently joined our team at GRC Solutions as a Senior Risk and Compliance Consultant. This whitepaper shares his insights on the importance of actions, activities and tasks which ultimately act as controls in a risk management program.

Liam has worked for large and diverse organisations in senior management roles for over a decade. His governance, risk and compliance expertise comes from successfully executing:

    • risk management frameworks
    • compliance programs
    • governance reviews
    • bribery and corruption assessments
    • audit programming


This paper outlines just two of many essential controls that must be implemented to avoid a risk becoming reality. It examines in detail how these controls can be introduced or reviewed and embraced by an organisation.

The journey towards ensuring organisational effectiveness requires action and perhaps the best way to deploy your efforts is within a sound risk management framework. It should identify where any individual organisation will get the best return for each dollar spent, ensuring strategy becomes reality and that risks don’t.

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