Leadership skills for compliance officers

In this blog post, Justin Muscolino, GRC Solutions’ Head of Compliance Training in North America, provides tips on leadership skills for compliance officers.

During my career in compliance training I’ve learned first-hand that you need all the assistance you can get. It’s important to get others involved in delivering your message. But in order for compliance officers to do that well, they need to have the leadership skills and knowledge necessary to deliver the message. Equipping compliance officers with these necessary leadership skills will enhance their capabilities. It can also help change the compliance culture within an organization.

Early in my career I observed how difficult it can be to get the necessary buy-in from business leaders to deliver an effective compliance training program. In addition, I realized how important it was to enlist other people who are working in compliance to help deliver messages throughout the organization. But I also came to realize that not everyone has the skill set and style to achieve these goals. Compliance officers typically deal directly with the business and by increasing their capabilities and developing their leadership skills, this can only aid in delivering a positive message throughout the organization.

I often attended business meetings with other compliance officers and found that they didn’t ask the necessary questions, didn’t have the right mindset, or couldn’t convey their thoughts and opinions confidently.

So I asked myself: what if I could train compliance officers to understand what it takes to deliver the appropriate messages while enhancing their leadership skills? With that in mind, I created a program aimed at enhancing the capabilities of compliance officers. Over the years the program evolved into something much more.

Think about it. Could a training program for compliance officers shift the culture of compliance? Yes, it could. By delivering a consistent message and teaching them effective leadership skills you can change the culture of compliance in a positive way.

What are the benefits of creating a compliance officer program?

  • Shift in compliance culture
  • Higher employee morale
  • Consistent messaging throughout the organization
  • More career opportunities
How do you do it?

Coming up with a proper program means that you should conduct a training needs analysis to determine the gaps and opportunities of your compliance officers. Talking with your CCO, compliance officers and people within the business could determine both your direction and a curriculum for your program.

If you want to create a compliance officer training program, the results of your needs analysis will help determine what the program could look like. It will vary from organization to organization, but the core basics should remain the same. Some of the topics may include: presentation skills, influence and persuasion skills, running effective meetings, and understanding your target audience. These are high-level topics which would have to be defined in granular detail based on when the needs analysis is conducted.

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An article written by Justin Muscolino
Head of Compliance Training North America