GRC Solutions is sharing this message from OzHarvest: We’re running out of time – No one should go hungry this Christmas

GRC Solutions partners with OzHarvest to help the hungry and minimise the food we all waste.

With Christmas just around the corner your urgent help is needed.

If you’ve already donated, thank you so much for your kindness – you are truly inspirational.

If you haven’t, I ask you: Can you please spare a small gift to feed hungry and homeless people like Nigel this Christmas?

You know Nigel. He lives in a tent in your city, town or even street. He’ll be there for Christmas and far beyond – and you know a simple meal for the festive season would mean so much…
can you give that to Nigel now?

You see, when you help OzHarvest, you help the hungry & minimise the food we all waste.

Your donations go to work collecting quality unused food from commercial outlets and delivering it, direct and free of charge, to more than 800 charities.

But the food only gets there because of you… beautiful, kind, caring YOU.

So please look inside your heart of hearts this Christmas, embrace the giving spirit and give people like Nigel a meal to remember.

P.S. For every dollar you donate, 2 people will get a meal this Christmas (from food that would’ve gone to waste) – think of the lives you could touch with just a $50 donation.

For more information you can contact OzHavest via email  or call 1800 108 006. Or follow us on social media for all the updates!

Donate Today!