Update to Work Health and Safety

work health and safety

Important note

As part of our commitment to maintaining and improving our e-learning content on an ongoing basis, we have updated the generic Work Health and Safety (WHS) course.
Amendments to Queensland’s work health and safety laws have now taken effect.

The amendments to the Work Health and Safety Act 2011 include:

  • New requirements for WHS entry permit holders to give notice before conducting entering the workplace to investigate suspected breaches
  • a penalty increase for non-compliance with WHS entry permit conditions
  • a new penalty for failure to comply with WHS entry permit holder notification requirements
  • removing the power of health and safety representatives to direct workers to cease unsafe work
  • allowing codes of practice adopted in Queensland to be approved, varied or revoked without requiring national consultation

The changes affect the Module 6 “Other parties” of the Salt Compliance Work Health and Safety course.

The updated course is currently being modified to comply with the latest changes and will be available to all users by May 28 2014.

Please note: there is no requirement for existing users to resit the course.

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact your client services manager.